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Work Order Request

Fill out the form below with all information relating to your maintenance issue/request.  Clicking the Submit button will send the form directly to Pedersen Real Estate and Property Management.

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Tenant Move-out Notice

Attention Tenant if your lease is ending or your current lease is month to month and it is your intentions to move-out.

You must notify PEDERSEN REAL ESTATE & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT in writing of your intentions to vacate the rental property.

Your notice must be end of the month +30 days. Example: if your notice to vacate is given the 17 th of October, your move out date would be November 30th. Move-out day should always be last day of a month. If you chose to vacate on the 3rd, 6th, 18th, 26th etc. you must pay rent for the full month.

For your convenience please use from below.
The form can be Faxed to: 1-800-846-4701 or emailed to: (in PDF) or sent with regular mail to: Pedersen Real Estate, 105 S Delaware Drive,
Suite # 5, Apache Junction AZ 85120

Please click here for the Tenant move out form